Sony PlayStation® announced as exhibitor at the SimRacingExpo 2014

A Driveclub competition and other specials are scheduled

Munich, 26 August, 2014SimRacingExpo 2014, which will be held on 21 and 22 September at the Nürburgring and combine virtual motorsports with real racing action, today confirmed another exhibitor. Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland will attend the trade fair, which debuts this year, to present its game Driveclub and to launch a competition in which the general public will take on the pros.

Trade fair attendees who want to test the game can do so on one of the consoles at the stand. The exhibitor’s special offering at the trade fair is its Driveclub competition. Various teams will compete against each another on a mobile stage with Driveclub gaming screens. There will be a team made up of professional racing drivers, who will compete against journalists and consumers at the trade fair. This will show whether or not the pros also have the edge in the virtual world, and whether reality and the gaming world require similar driving skills.

 “We are delighted to have Sony PlayStation® as an exhibitor,” said Marc Hennerici, head of Sport & Events at event organiser ADAC Mittelrhein. “It’s almost as if Driveclub was made to be played here. Its social gaming components make it ideal for group competitions.”

Driveclub, with its exceptional high-definition graphics and incredibly realistic look, brings out the proximity between virtual and real-life racing, which is also a key focus of the SimRacingExpo.

Other events from Sony PlayStation® for the trade fair are in the pipeline and will be announced at a later date.

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