The Concept

There is no GT3 event where more teams and motor sport professionals come together in Germany at a single weekend. These professionals are joined by thousands of motor sports fans. They form the Nürburgring 1000 into the perfect platform to present motor sport games and hardware.

For Professionals

The dedicated Pro-Area focuses on high-end hard- and software for racing and development simulation. The Pro-Area will be the meeting point for race drivers and team engineers.

For Gamers

Vibrating race action outside on one of the most prestigous race tracks in the world and thrilling motor sports gaming inside. This unique combination can not be offered by any soulless exhibition hall – only the Nürburgring reaches the heart and the brain of a gamer together.


The ring°boulevard, which runs parallel to the Grand Prix track, covering 8,800 m², forms the central axis of the Nürburgring complex. With the segmentation between a Consumer and Professional Area, the  visitor will easily find interesting products and the exhibitor will be able to target the right audience.



The Nürburgring club°lounge is the exclusive and direct VIP access point to our Business Lounges. This will be the central meeting point of Teams, Drivers, Exhibitors and their guests.